Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Many Years Ago,

a protective layer of varnish was overlaid,

over many paintings to stop them from fading and give a degree of protection, whilst clear when applied over 200 or more years ago, the layer discoloured in time, so viewers could no longer see the picture as the artist painted it, enter art historian, dealer, and BBC television host Philip Mould who recently posted a video to his Twitter that reveals a gleaming 17th century painting hiding underneath two centuries of yellowed varnish, in the short video Mould gently paints a solvent to remove this layer from the work’s surface, slowly brushing it away in circular strokes,

the only details known about the mysterious lady in red is from an inscription on the painting that notes she was 36 when the work was completed in 1618, You can watch more of his painting adventures on Twitter, what an amazing transformation, and a cautionary note, do not try this at home, this is one of those jobs where you really do need an expert.

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