Friday, 24 November 2017

I Woke Up On Tuesday Morning,

to find that there was no Internet,

 so I called the 3BB helpline and was told that there was a big problem in the area and it was being worked on, and they would hopefully soon have the problem corrected, so we spent the day at home hoping that they would fix the problem, but they did not, we do not normally eat out on a Tuesday, but as we have booked a Thanksgiving meal on Thursday we have moved our Wednesday meal out to Tuesday, so glad rags on, 

 and we were out in a Grab taxi,

  to Siam @ Siam, 

which is opposite the lighthouse in North Pattaya on Second Road,  

 and this is what we were looking for as we entered the hotel,

the only way is up,

to the sixth floor where the restaurant is, the lobster tank with just one left, they must have had a run on them,

 into the restaurant and past the bar,

 on our way in, 

 a quick look at the some of the starters,

behind the main section,

 we passed the buffet,

 where we were,

 spoilt for choice

 all of this seafood,

then on to the main courses, 

 and fried foods,

 lots of relishes to go with the sushi,

which I have to say it, 

in some cases were huge,

next the covered dishes, 

 and spring rolls,

  and we had to have a look at the desserts,

 and what a selection,

 complete with a chocolate fountain,

as well as these,

there was also a selection of fresh fruits to chose from,

 we sat at a table near the rear window, 

 we could not believe how empty the place was,  

 in the rear section there were just 4 other dinners, sat under the lights,

the menu for the evening, 

starters for Diana, 

 and myself, cheese and cold cuts,

Diana's second course, 

I decided on sushi, 

 a selection of meats for Diana,

seafood's for myself, 

 Diana made a start on her desserts, 

 whilst I settled for 2 lamb chops with vegetables,

 a quick pose on our way out, 

 when we arrived this ground floor lobby was packed, we actually thought that we might have to wait for a table, but as I mention there were actually very few dinners, unlike the last time we were here, as we left the restaurant it was just past 9.00 and we were the last dinners to leave, we both do not understand why with such excellent food and reasonable prices it is not more popular, but there it is, arriving home we watched a couple of game shows a Murdoch Mystery and then we were off to bed.

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