Saturday, 11 November 2017

We Were Out,

and about today,

 first stop the Fascino Pharmacy on Pattaya Nua, for a few items,

 then to Foodland, we were going to have a beef roast on Sunday, the beef here is the best we have found in Pattaya, but it was not to be, they have sold out of beef, so as we were there we bought a piece of pork for Sunday, crackling, yummy!

 we then decided to pop into Friendship,

 where we spotted this unusually decorated motorcycle,

 in the motorcycle park,

 I am guessing the owner is German,

 work next door going on a pace,

with some of the walls now in place, we were here because we made a snap decision to have lobster bisque for a starter on Saturday evening, but they had sold out of the tins of soup Diana uses as a base, we were also low on the sliced ham that I have in my sandwiches, but they were down to the last few slices in the deliquescent, on to the bakery for some Belgian or current buns for Diana, they have 4 or 5 different ones, but alas not today, totally sold out of all of them, off to the coffee stall at the rear of TukCom for a take away ice tea and coffee, but the stall was not there! we really were having a bad day, 

 but it all changed in the evening, when it was glad rags on,

 and we were out with Barry and Bill for a meal at the Au Bon Coin, a little difficult to find, but well worth the effort,

 at the entrance to the restaurant looking back to the road and car park opposite, 

 our first glimpse of the restaurant through the garden,

 a look at the garden from inside, 

we started with an amuse bouche,

 Diana chose a crab salad, for myself I decided on a selection of cold cuts which was a meal in itself, difficult to see but there were 5 plates of it,

 we both decided on the smoked haddock which was delicious as indeed were both of our starters,


we were all so full we did not have desserts, but were treated to these so moorish rum ba-bas, a truly excellent meal, Barry kindly dropped us off at home where it was feet up for The Confession, a lawyer goes against all of his instincts to defend a triple murderer, we did not expect much from the film, but it was remarkably gripping, and with that we were off to bed. 

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