Wednesday, 15 November 2017

One Of The Many Things That I Would Find Annoying

if I lived in a city,

 are car and truck drivers that think of one thing only, themselves, and play their stereos so loud it is deafening, especially when they park outside of your house or condo all night long, self, self, self, is all they think of, well now for city dwellers who live in pedestrianised areas where these thoughtless yobs could not go, there is some really bad news, 

 a community of teenagers in Palermo, Sicily, has found a way to adapt car stereo systems complete with speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and even car batteries on their cycles, allowing them to pump out up to 1250W of sound as they cruise the city streets,

 bike tuning has become a trend among music-loving teenage cyclists of Palermo, on the island of Sicily, they spend anywhere between a couple of hundred euros to over 1,200 euros to have their bikes converted into powerful sound systems on wheels, they have their own forums and Facebook groups where they exchange tips and advice, and gather around Palermo almost every day to show off their tricked out bikes, and here is the really bad news, they compete in sound battles, 

 according to some reports these tricked out cycles can put out over 1250W of sound power, enough to shake the windows of buildings and cars they pass, the police are often called to disperse gatherings of bike tuners, as the sound they produce is considered by many unbearable, but here is the real problem, the vast majority of bike tuning enthusiasts are underage, so the police can only do so much to stop them, they threaten to confiscate the kids audio equipment, which they hardly ever do, one has to ask why not? and ask them to disperse, after arguing with law enforcement officers, the teens ride off, only to meet up in a different part of town minutes later,

Italian newspaper La Republica recently met up with a group of young bicycle tuners in Palermo, and asked them why they spend hundreds or thousands of euros on this hobby, most answered that it was because of their passion for music, and because it makes them feel free, I guess the others answered because they wanted to upset their neighbours!

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