Monday, 24 January 2011

Having Just Watched A Film About An Allotropic Form Of Carbon,

I thought it was about time to see what the fuss is all about, diamonds have known to have got their name from the language of the ancient Greeks, the ancient Greek word, adamas that could be roughly translated as 'untamed' or 'invincible' is said to have been the root from which the modern name, diamond, was derived,

every time a diamond is mention in the press or indeed in the film the term carat is used to describe it's size, but what exactly is a carat? a carat is equal to two hundred milligrams, when a diamond is spoken of as four grains it is a one-carat stone, carat gets its name from the bean known as a carob, in the past if the stone weighed the same as the bean it was said to be one carob, which became one carat, in the east rice was the unit of measurement that was used, diamonds that weigh the same as four rice grains it was what we now call a carat, but do not get confused between a Karat and a Carat, both in the jewellery trade have a very different meaning,

considered to be the largest diamond mine in the world, Orapa is situated 240km west of Francistown in Botswana, in 2009 it produced 7,575 million carats of diamonds, and there was me thinking they were rare! so as I said once before, grab a pick and shovel and off we go to Africa diamond hunting!

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