Sunday, 16 January 2011

Today We Are Going To See Jay And Precil,

so we went to the market to buy some papaya poc-poc, and some limes to go with the vodka, it is a night time market but some stalls open in the day,
luckily the poc-poc stall is one of them,
then to the orange stall,
also the poc-poc stall has a bar-b-q,
Diana decided she wanted a fish on a stick!
bar-b-qued catfish,
time to pay,
we also wanted some limes but none were to be found, as we went to the bike what should arrive? the lime truck!
talk about being in the right place at the right time! 300 baht for a sack full or 25 baht a kilo, we settled on a kilo,
all to soon the Secrets taxi arrived and we were off,
Jay has planted a few more palm trees,
the pool crystal clear,
Mike and Riza were also there,
Riza, Diana and Precil,
during the afternoon a series of hot air balloons went by,
then sunset, cocktail hour!
time for food, Jay had ordered a huge Indian meal,
and again but this time with Diana and Den-Den in the picture,
then eyes down and tuck in,
next we had to get some of that weight off, Diana giving a hula-hoop demonstration,
or not as the case may be!
naturally I had to have a go!
well it sort of worked! we talked the night away, many thanks to Jay and Precil for inviting us over, then back to 388 and off to bed,

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