Monday, 17 June 2013

As It Was The Third Saturday Of The Month Yesterday,

I should have given the aquariums their water change then,

 I somehow left it till today,  

 first the easy one,

 this is because beside the aquarium there is drain to take the water away and a tap to refill it,

 and there it is all finished in no time at all,

 today I changed about 30% of the water,

the water out here is of course chlorinated, but we have two 1000 liter containers to store our water in, this means that the chlorine is allowed to evaporate and we can therefore do large water changes without the chlorine affecting the fish, if we used water straight from the tap the chlorine in the water would of course kill the fish,

I hope after all that effort they appreciate it!

 then to the other aquarium, although not that much more difficult we do have to drain the water out of the front door into the driveway,

 to do that I have made this syphon,

 just give a suck on the other end of the hose and the water drains down until it reaches the strainer, 

 the water then stops coming out of the hose and that is the job half done,

 then grab the garden hose,

 and refill,

 and then the job all done,

 with the fish as happy as Larry, the slight discolouration of water will by this time tomorrow have completely disappeared and the water as usual will look as clear as gin or in my case vodka!

 all too soon we were out for our Sunday meal, but I noticed that the amaryllis had developed a second flower,

 so I had to take a quick picture of that,

 and of course one of Diana looking as lovely as ever,

 for this Sunday our late afternoon/early evening meal was in Cherry's which is in Third Road opposite what was once the Ex-Cite disco,

 as we sat down Diana took this picture of us,

 first stop the salad bar,

 as we arrived back at our table with our salads,

 an amuse bouche had been served,

 for a starter Tony decided on Norwegian salmon,

I also went with Norwegian salmon, but it was pan fried with a pepper crust served with lemon-ginger sauce, boiled potato and asparagus, plus a touch of pepper,

 Diana had decided on the set 325 baht a head menu, so her starter consisted of chicken liver mousse with honey duck breast with a marinated orange, mango and honey dressing,

in Diana's set menu she had a mushroom soup, I had a lobster bisque soup for myself,

we all then had a lemon sorbet,

 next onto our main courses a rack of lamb for Mr. Tony,

 Diana decided on a steak which was included on her set menu there was also a choice of chicken, pork or fish,

I decided on the Australian lamb chops with sautéed potatoes,

 'Cheers!', from all of us,

 and from Diana and myself,

by now both Tony and myself  full to bursting so we declined a desert but included in Diana's set menu there was a cherry tart with ice cream so she just had to have that!

now this is important for all regular restaurant visitors, Cherry's will be closed for three months so we will have another visit or two then look forward to its reopening in October, we then made our way home and watched some satellite television, the good news for all of us was that a series called Storage Wars was being shown over the course of the evening, none of which we have watched before, in case you have not seen it the basic premise of the programme is that people bid on storage lockers that have been abandoned and then sell any valuables that are inside once the locker has been purchased, we all find this series highly entertaining, after watching several of these as it was now getting late we said our goodbyes to Mr. Tony and for us we were off to bed.

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