Thursday, 20 June 2013

We Arrived At The Hospital Earlier Than Normal,

I was booked in for a blood test,

 so no food and drink for the proceeding 12 hours, but before the results having taken a sample we had to wait an hour for the laboratory to complete the blood tests, so off to find a restaurant for breakfast,

 we had a look along Second Road and found this one,

 the Yiam,

 we had the restaurant all to ourselves,

 but then it was still just after 09.00 in the morning, so there were not many people out at all,

 a ice coffee to start,

 there was for some time a never ending stream of porters taking suitcases along the road, followed by their owners as I guess a tour group was changing hotels,

 I ordered the English breakfast that included a orange juice and a coffee,

 which soon arrived,

 two hot dog sausages, eggs, boiled ham, bacon, baked beans, a bit of salad and two toast 160 baht,

 Diana had decided on some Thai food, with an egg on top, all in all 270 baht for both of us, then back to the hospital for the results, all was surprisingly well, liver and kidneys fine, sugar a tad high but no medication needed, cholesterol both fine, just slightly high blood pressure so a couple of tablets to right that, then my now slightly late 10.00 appointment to have my wound redressed, the verdict was good as there appeared to be no infection, so back again for the same procedure tomorrow,

 then to the bank for some funds,

 the television over Walking Street was working,

 but I noticed it no longer had the Samsung sign under it, I wonder if this is another companies television?

 I spent the rest of the day laying down watching television, when the wound on my back is cleaned and dressed it is not exactly painless so I had a rest, but in the evening it was glad rags on,

 we were out to Cherry's for our evening meal, on Wednesdays and Saturdays they have an all you can eat International buffet at just 350 baht a head, it is on Third Road opposite what was once the Xcite disco, but remember at the end of this month Cherry’s Restaurant will commence renovation on the 1st July and remain closed until 30th September 2013 and will be opened again 1st October 2013, we are all looking forward to seeing what improvements will be made,

 the view of the buffet form our table,

 the desserts being nearest to us,

just a small selection of the salads and starters available,

 and some of the main courses,

 which stretched to the far side of the room,

 smoked salmon for Mr. Tony and myself to start,

 spaghetti and pizza for Diana,

 a touch more salmon for M. Tony and myself,

before we started on our main courses, spare ribs for Diana, snow fish for Mr. Tony, baked salmon, chicken, a slice of roast lamb and a small helping of potato for me, 'Cheers!', from all of us, after filling ourselves to bursting we made a move for home, Mr. Tony very kindly dropping us off, we watched a few of the Kings of Restoration series then for us we were off to bed.

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