Thursday, 13 June 2013

Then We Were Out,

for our evening meal,

to Ali Baba on Central Road, driving down Central Road towards the beach, the Ali Baba is about 200 meters before Beach Road on the left hand side,

the restaurant itself is upstairs, to enter it there is almost a cave like lobby before ascending to the restaurant,

Diana strikes the pose,

looking as lovely as ever,

the restaurant itself has been refurbished with new curtains and seating around the sides of the restaurant, new chairs were supplied for the central area some time ago, our waiters for the evening,

as usual always happy and smiling,

we finished up the poppadoms and tucked into our prawn pures,

we then also ordered a chicken chat,

after a break our main courses started to arrive,

chicken tikka masala, onion bhajis, aloo gobi and peas pulao rice, all of which was absolutely delicious, the price of the meal came to just on 2,000 baht for the three of us, I must say though I had a few glasses of red wine which bumped up the bill a bit,

we arrived home to watch some television, but when switching on this was the message we received,

it must have started raining just after we stepped inside, and sure enough it was,

the rain was just crashing down, but thankfully it stop shortly afterwards, the one thing I can never understand is why when it rains we lose all of our satellite pictures, if that happened in UK we would have hardly any television at all! luckily the rain stopped very soon so we settled down to watch some episodes from Pickers and a few other programs before we said our goodbyes to Mr.Tony and then after a long day for us we were off to bed.

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