Monday, 17 June 2013

What A Brilliant Way For A Council To Make Money,

install a parking ticket machine that does not take UK pound coins,

the machine which only takes Euros was installed by Bradford Council in Clough car park, Baildon, West Yorkshire, the great news for the council was that as motorists were not able to pay for a ticket, parking fines flowed as fast as traffic wardens could issue them!

Bradford Council eventually slapped 'out of order' stickers across the machine, which was installed three months ago, as they struggled to work out what was wrong with it, then in a blinding flash of wisdom they found their mistake after a motorist realised the machine was French and was configured to take Euros,

thank heavens for that motorist or else Bradford Council would still be scratching their heads wondering what to do, even after 13 weeks not a single soul in the council had read that the machine was configured to take Euros, your local council working for you!

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