Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Straight On To Today's Post,

for two reasons,

firstly we have decided to treat ourselves to a day in Bangkok, secondly there is not much to say about today, except the last time we used the truck as I stepped out of it I must have hit one of the spot lamp switches, as it became dark at night I noticed them on, the brand new battery was as flat as a flat thing as it would barely turn the motor over, so in between showers of rain I charged the battery all day yesterday, after our evening meal a Hitchcock film, The Trouble with Harry, made in 1955 it was quite strange to see items such as 'visible' petrol pumps in a corner store being used rather than seeing them being restored on Kings of Restoration, funny film by the way,

 then a bit of sad news, we had finished the last two episodes of LA Law season 4, hopefully we will soon be buying series 5 of this for us hugely enjoyable series,

by now it was late but we watched the first Planet of the Apes, in the series of films, made in 1968 it was of course dated and with special effects that would have the audience of today laughing in the aisles, but still enjoyable to watch, then for us we were off to bed for our early start tomorrow.

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