Tuesday, 25 June 2013

On Our Way Back from The Hospital,

we decided to swing past Beach Road,

 to have a look and see how the Beach Road widening project was proceeding, this is the view as you approach the bay from Pattaya Tai,

 turning left we are now going along Beach Road,

 some of the original trees have been left,

 along what I believe some locals call the Coconut Grove,

 but also mature trees have been brought in to give the project a more natural feel,

 I am not sure when the development is due to be finished,

 but hopefully by the time the next high season is here all will be completed,

 our next stop was to pop into see the friendly staff at All Seasons Travel,

it is easy to find as the shop is next door to the dentist I use out here Dr. Chanis,

 which is opposite the Friendship super market,

 whilst there we also bought some more wholemeal bread, this time Vollkornbrot, which we ate with a ham topping in the afternoon and later in the evening a coleslaw with shredded crab sticks topping, delicious!

after our evening meal we settled down to the third in the Alien series Alien³, scary stuff, but we still think the first in the series was the best of the bunch,

 keeping to a scary though much more light hearted vein, Hot Fuzz, was next on our watch list for the evening, briefly a hardened London cop is transfered to the sleepy north England village of Sandford, but when the bodies start to pile up he questions how this can be happening when the locals assure him they are just 'accidents' great fun with a twist at the ending not to mention the swan making a surprise apprehension,

 to round off our evening another DVD we bought from Greece, it appears it had not been released in the UK at the time that we bought it, Brady Barr goes looking for the 6 gilled shark from the abyss, in case you are wondering other sharks have 5 gills, in the DVD he follows a program of catch & release to study and find more information on these fascinating creatures in the realm that so few of us have travelled, as he points out, 'more people have climbed to the top of Mount Everest than have been as deep as this and seen these sharks in their native habitat', great viewing we both had to look at the DVD time counter and could not believe that 50 minuets had just flown past, by now it was late so we were off to bed.

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