Sunday, 28 July 2019

The Kemp Family History,

Diana said I should put some of the photographs, 

 that I have on my family on our blog, as it took some time this will be the last post for today, and I am relying on my memory so here goes, great grandparents,

 from my father's side of the family,

 my grandfather

 and grandmother,

 aboard H. M. S. Iphigenia, Grandad in the middle

and on the right, the boat frozen in the sea in Murmansk or Archangel,

 Grandad on the left with brothers,

 he enjoyed a pipe,

 with brothers and a friend,

 hs pride and joy,

a different sidecar, all aboard for a family day out,

 at the seaside,

 Grandad and Nan with my father and his brother Stanley who I was named after, Stanley died of pneumonia aged just 21 years old,

 my father Grandad and Stanley,

 in the Second World War Grandad was in the police, he was awarded the B. E. M. when he crawled under a house that had been demolished by a V bomb, rescuing a lady trapped under the wreckage, 

 Nan and Grandad, at their 50th wedding anniversary,

my father, Raymond, the corporal on the left, he served with the Queens Own Royal West Kents

Dad demobbed,

married to Mum and me,

 Grandad took most of the photographs,

 they are all pretty much self explanatory, the 3 out of 5 means no Dad or Grandad,

 4 out of 5 in this one! 

 look at those muscles!

 it was about the 1960s that Dad started to grow a mustache, and he never shaved it off, 

 our first car, and our first home, a semi-detached house in Croydon, at the time a fortune at £400,

 Mum and myself and a trip to the zoo,

 the three of us on the beach,

and myself on one of the rides at the coast,

 we often went to the coast with relatives as Dad now had a car, this is Uncle Harry and Auntie Rose, regular readers of our blog might remember I mentioned him in a post some time ago,

 speaking of going to the coast, in those days pleasure boats would beach themselves, with passengers walking out to them on mobile jetties,

 I am a bit older now, my first suit, Dad beside my small aviary, and a shield I won fishing,

 Nan and Grandad would often visit, and this is the pub Mum and Dad nearly bought, one of the few pubs in the UK with two recognisable names, the Sir Jeffery Amherst or The Crown Point Inn, but alas we just could not quite raise the asking price,

 Mum and Dad often went out,

 my father was a Mason,

 so they often went to lodge ladies nights,

 my Dad,

and me, my first visit to Thailand in 1982, look at the hair! the good news is that these are from just one carrier bag, the bad news is that we still have 2 more carrier bags to look through!

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