Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Although Too Late To See It This Year,

remember to look for next years display,

 the the annual Corso Zundert parade is a celebration of the Netherlands’ most iconic exports: flowers,

 started in 1936, every year teams from local villages make these huge floats,

 the detail stunning,

 the shapes fantastical,

and some easily recognisable, this year 20 teams took part, and if you want to visit next year remember the flower parade takes place every year on the first Sunday of September. In 2016 on the 4th and 5th of September, the parade takes place on Sunday afternoon, from 13.30h. till about 18.00h. on Sunday evening and the whole day on Monday the floats are on show,

Zundert is situated between Breda and Antwerp, close to the frontier with Belgium, what a great weekend treat for everyone, You can see a full listing of all 20 parade floats here, more photos of the 2016 event were shot by John DG Photography, above is a video of the event, but in truth I have not watched it all as it is over one and a half hours long, but what a way to while away an hour or so.

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