Monday, 5 September 2016

An Old Fashioned Radio,

but with a slight difference,

instead of tuning the dial to a radio station you tune into a year, the controls are basic, there are only two knobs, one controls power/volume, and the other sets the year, what could be simpler, still sketchy on details such as how many years and how many songs are featured from each year, but the product might I guess appeal to a number of radio looking music box fans, the Time Travel Radio as it is called is now on display at STORY at 144 10th Ave, New York, Y10011 b/t 19th St & 18th St Chelsea. Phone Number: 212-242-4853, although I guess not yet in production if there is enough interest it may be made available, but I think we will stick to the music on my telephone and remote speaker for our Saturday night bar-b-qs.

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