Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Arry And The Gang Had Finished,

so time to move in the cats playthings,

first the high tower as it is called, this time remembering to complete it after we had dragged it into the room,

litter box,

and big bed,

slight change of plans on the position of the tower,

I liked the little hammock under it, I hope the kittens do,

Mariana was first to be completely unfazed,

if you are interested this is a video of what the kittens first impression of the room was,

Arry had called back to remove our crumbling concrete table and chairs,

heavy work,

Diana went shopping whilst Arry finished, I went to pay our 3BB Internet bill, 

this car park on the weekends is packed with the Thepprasit Road night market,

next stop the huge pet shop on the road that runs parallel to the railway line,

it is in the next big Soi over from Soi Khao Talo, I have to admit I am not sure of its name, the next visit I will grab a card, kitten litter and food picked up with no problems, I then called in to a sports shop near Chaiyapruk Road, unfortunately the gentleman I wanted to see was out,

I then called in to see a friend on the way back home, just as I arrived home I received a call from Diana to say she was ready to be picked up so off I went, we called in at a market on the way home,

looking at lots,

of titbits to tempt us,

but these were what we were after, small fish in wicker baskets, Mariana had decided she did not like the wet food in sachets that she had always eaten before, or the dry food, but we found that she just loves these fish, so every few days we stock up on 6 or 7 of them,

fish purchased and we continued looking around,

plenty of peppers,

we decided on melon, it will be ready to eat in a couple of days,

food on a stick,

arriving home after our evening meal we let the kittens out of their room into the living room, they rushed out like a pack of kittens, I wish I had their energy,

after a couple of quiz shows we finished the first disc of the first series of The Borgias and started the second, excellent, putting the kittens away at midnight that showed no signs of slowing down we were off to bed.

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