Wednesday, 7 September 2016

My First Thought,

when I saw this was, Photoshop!

 well we all know killer whales are black and white, but I was wrong, it really is a white killer whale,

swimming next to the more well know normal coloured whale, this one recently appeared in the north-western Pacific Ocean near Russia’s Kuril Islands, and these ones have skin that’s entirely white, one such creature was first spotted in the area around six years ago and dubbed Iceberg for its colouring, now, its Russian pod has expanded to include at least four more (and potentially up to eight total) pearly-pigmented orcas, a surprising shift, since only one in 10,000 killer whales are albinos, and there lies the problem, it may mean with an expanding number of pearly-pigmented orcas there could be a fundamental flaw in the breeding stock taking place in that due to lack of alternatives the whales are inbreeding, the strange thing is in nature white or albinos are often wiped out, as they lack the natural camouflage of their brothers and sister, but who is going to take on a killer because it stands out?

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