Sunday, 4 September 2016


Arry arrived with the tiles,

 so work continued on the kittens room,

 a start was made on the electrics for the fountain which will be in the pool,

 and the pool base tiles were laid,

 and the step into it,

 whilst looking at the plants another two of Diana's stinky cactus had flowered,

 a first for this specie which we had never seen flowering before,

the pool tiled and waiting to be grouted,

 Arry next made a start on the entrance floor,

 we are not sure what to put where, their beds, high tower or litter tray, but once everything is finished decisions will be made,

 in the meantime one of the wire grills has been fitted, it means that we can open one of the sliding windows but the grill will be permanently in place,

 the area to the side of the pool has now been finished,

 and in a couple of moments,

so is the entrance to their room, whilst all of this was going on we popped over to see Slim Jim, his telephone was not working, sure enough when we arrived he found out that his telephone had given up the will to live, so he will be off to TukCom not only to buy a new one but also to have his computer looked at, it appears the computer is upset about the telephone dying and is have a sympathy fit,

 after Arry and the gang had left it was time for our Saturday evening bar-b-q, starting with garlic bread,

lite the barby,

as usual smoke, sparks,

and flames, then all was well,

 next prawns wrapped in bacon,


 our main course, salmon in butter and lemon, to stop the fish from cooking too quickly Diana had made some holes in some aluminium foil and placed the fish on top, 


added to mashed potatoes and broccoli, nice, we were so full that we did not have a desert, we just spent the evening listening to the billboard top 100 hits from 1965, Diana was so surprised that she knew so many of them, I guess various singers and groups had re-released a number of them over the years, as the midnight hour approached we were then off to bed.

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