Sunday, 4 September 2016

When We Eat Out,

I occasionally have some sushi,

 but for some it is not only the eating, it is the presentation as well, 

 some like these almost becoming works of art in themselves,

 Japanese sushi like temari-zushi and maki-zushi have inspired chefs and artists alike to create edible works of art that are meant to be devoured by our eyes as much as our mouths, the latest new style borrows from the ancient technique of assembling patterns or compositions from smaller materials and is being referred to as Mosaic Sushi,

and as popular video recipe creator Tastemade Japan demonstrates below,

 making Mosaic Sushi isn’t much harder than making regular sushi, it simply involves preparing various different types of sushi and then cutting them in squares to create mosaic patterns, so for those of you with a taste for the orient try creating your own.

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