Friday, 2 June 2017

The Day Started,

with me feeding the kittens,

 I now have to put two plates of food out for them, one is particularly aggressive and hisses and growls to keep the others away from the food so now we have two plates,

 then I was on to my motorcycle and off to take some more pictures, I left home about 10.30 and drove along the Sukhumvit Road to the start of the A36, but I continued along the A3, and was soon stopping,

 as I came across the first temple complex,

 I have to be honest from the start,

 I have no idea what their names are, 

 all I can say is to find them,

 do as I did and drive slowly,

 looking out for them on the left hand side,

 having said that I also made a mental note of ones I had seen on the right hand side of the road to call into on my way back home, 

 the is the next one along the A3,

 I took some pictures of the main building, 

 then continued my walk around,

 looking through the bars at the inside,

 my next stop,

 I wish I knew enough about Photoshop to get rid of the cables in some of the pictures,

at the next stop this time a yellow painted temple,

 and the monks quarters,

 I was by now nearing Ban Sang,

 as with all temples there are always these small shrines in the compound,

 and in this particular temple hundreds of Buddha images,

 the main building itself,

 on the top of a hill,
 continuing towards Chonburi,

 I drove off of the A3,

 to Chinatown, 

and the temple in it,

 one part of which had a nice lily pool outside of it,

 and just outside in the street,

 this shrine next to a huge tree,

 this was the last temple I visited, I had already driven well past the Chonburi Makro, so I made a U turn and started my journey home,

 this was the first stop on the way back,

 I had made a mental note of five places to stop off at,

 and this was the second,

 then I dropped the ball, what I thought was a Chinese temple turned out to be a cemetery, moving on this was the next complex I visited,

 and there was just two more to go,

 and this was the penultimate one,

 and the last on this trip, by now I was ready for a break, my arms and nose were starting to feel the effects of sunburn,

so off of the Sumkivitt and at 5.30 I swung into Friendship to buy a few sandwiches for this evening and tomorrow morning, then home,

after my evening meal it was feet up for The Chronicles of Riddick5 years after Pitch Black, the wanted criminal Riddick arrives on a planet called Helion Prime, and finds himself up against an invading empire called the Necromongers, great special effects,

to round the evening off I watched Tomorrowland, a dream of a land in the future, but is it? and with that I was off to bed.

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