Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Battery Had Failed,

on our motorcycle again, 

and then the bombshell, motorcycle batteries are not covered under guarantee, the shop owner was quite adamant I would have to pay the full price again, so much for using the same shop for over 20 years of servicing both of our motorcycles and buying any parts that are needed, I thought he might have made at least a token gesture towards the cost, but it was not to be,

I stopped off for a take home tea and coffee at the rear of TukCom,

and photographed the stall next door as I was waiting, 

I then called into the aquatic store on Thepprasit Road, I was enquiring about the price of an 18 watt ultraviolet unit for the aquarium, it will improve the water quality, but at 2,800 baht, (at today's rate £63.66 or $84.57), I thought it was a tad high,

still it gave me the chance to take a picture of the condominium almost opposite the shop, 

and the Greyhound Cafe we went to with Jim, and Cher, 

when we had a meal before the show here,

the show called the Kaan

the outside of the building is covered with metallic tiles that move with the breeze, so I just had to make a video of them moving,

then it was glad rags on,

as Mr.Tony picked us up,

and we were off to Cherry's,

for their Wednesday and Saturday International buffet,

I had a look at some of the starters,

I will be back for some sushi,

the buffet is 450 baht per person,

the soup of the day, mushroom or tom yum goong,

18 or so covered main courses to chose from,

plus a carvery and pizza station,

on to desserts,

and what a selection,

then eyes down,

and tuck in,

Diana's favourites, 

some sushi for myself,

and a few other tit-bits,

for my main course, pork, ribs, chicken, duck and a spoonful of mash potato,

'Cheer's' the restaurant is situated on Third Road opposite what was once the X-Cite disco, after the meal Mr. Tony dropped us off home, We said our farewells, then it was feet up for a couple from Dickensian, then next for us We were off to bed.

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