Tuesday, 19 July 2011

In Bedford As We Speak £1,000 fines

and they could be coming to you! and it is? a £1,000 fine if you leave your bin out too long, householders have been threatened with this fine in a letter sent out to 65,000 homes in the borough that say that anyone who fails to take their bin back in within 24 hours of their rubbish collection will be liable for the fine, a great way to make money, but it puts the fines given to shoplifters look like small fry at 12 times greater than the on-the-spot penalties routinely handed out to shoplifters, just think, the binmen failed to arrive so you leave your bin out for the next day for collection and you pay for it, a great example of how your council works for you!


Anonymous said...


Another interesting blog. I don't think a lot of these people who get fined for trivial things like leaving your bin outside for too long realise they can get away with it. The law that says you have to take your bin in within 24 hours is more likely an ACT and these are only given the force of law with the consent of the governed. If you simply say No CONSENT and don't give any personal details which can form a joinder then they have no power over you.

Keep on enjoying yourselves, as I can clearly see you are from your pictures.

All the best - Alan

PattayaStan said...

Dear Alan, I am not sure about the legal side of the letter sent out, just glad that we did not get one! yes we are enjoying ourselves, off to Phuket in an hour or so, but as most people I wish the exchange rate was better, just a coupe of years ago we were getting 70 - 75 baht to the £, now as of yesterday just 47! still it helps to cut down food and drink! all the best Stan and Diana.