Thursday, 14 July 2011

What A Magical Place To Work,

it is in Wookey Hole Caves, near Wells, Somerset, the job would suit an old guy who has a few tricks up his sleeve, the job application reads, must have a white beard, magical powers - or be able to perform tricks - and work with animals, it appears that Wookey Hole, which is visited by 40,000 people each year is short of a wizard, so managers at the Caves are hosting open auditions for a wand-waving, Dumbledore-style sorcerer to take up residence in their historic attraction, well if you think you fit the bill and are looking £60,000 a year income then apply, quickly! hundreds of hopefuls are now expected to apply for the position before going before the judges in an X-Factor style audition on July 26, as they say, 'it could be you!', mind you at £60,000 a year maybe I could learn a few tricks, can I grow a beard by July 26th is the next question.

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