Thursday, 29 May 2014

Despite The Temperature Being So High,

Diana's tomato plants continue to grow,

 the bigger ones are a good size now,

 most with plenty of flowers,

 but still only one tomato, as I mentioned before, we planted them at the wrong time of year, in temperatures of over 85-90 the plants will grow but not produce any fruit,

 in the afternoon we went to the local market,

 where many foods were on offer,

 both main courses,

 and desserts,

I am always fascinated by the different types of mushrooms available,

 especially these, to me they just look so nice,

 but we were here for some prawns, for our Saturday night bar-b-q,

 and no market would be complete without peppers and garlic,

 I have often seen stalls like this before, it is a mix and match perfume store, you add a few drops from the jars at the back to make a perfume that is nice for you, put the mixture in one of the dispensers at the front and you have your own unique fragrance,

 we also bought some fresh fruit to snack on in the evening,

 the market is becoming very popular, with stalls adding on to the end of each row,

 going past the covered in section, we also bought a melon,

 these looked so comical, they were I think small chickens, but they were rotating so fast their feet, wings and heads were all over the place, reading through this again you had to be there to appreciate it,

and these were some that were prepared before, in the early evening I meet up with Alf who I had not seen for a long time and a colleague of his Paul, we meet in the Lion Pub, for directions, from Thepprasit head east on Thepprasit toward Thepprasit 8, take the 1st left onto Thepprasit 8, and they are passed the Eden Hotel on the right hand side, as Alf's team were playing in the competition State of Origin, in case you do not know 'Origin' is arguably the greatest rugby league match-up in the world, I will not say who won in case you have not yet watched it, but it was the team that Alf supports, after saying our goodbyes I made a move for home,

we watched a couple of films Cowboys & Aliensin 1873 in Arizona a man with no name wakes to find he can remember nothing, but his friends and enemies can, add to this the beginnings of an alien invasion and it is a battle between us and them to save the earth, a bit slow in places but all in all we both enjoyed the film,

keeping to a sci-fi theme, This Island Earth, nowhere near the special effects of the previous film, but good fun to watch neither the less, having enjoyed Poirot the previous evening we watched another couple, then for us we were off to bed.

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