Sunday, 4 May 2014

Oh Dear,

our last morning on Koh Chang,

 so having checked out,

 we made our way to the restaurant/bar,

 where full use was made of the football table,

 Mum and myself waited for the food to arrive,

 but eventually we had to have a look,

 the two girls were playing Sandio,

 the game was so intense they would not take their eyes off of the table,

 but then breakfast arrived and we had to go,

 once more down the hill, then the traffic came to a complete standstill,

we had been overtaking stationary cars for a mile or so then it dawn on me what had happened, it had been raining so heavily the ferry's had been cancelled, all of these cars were waiting for the ferry service to begin, the queue went over the next hill and down to the dock, the only people moving were like us where the mini bus dropped us off then turned around, everybody else had to wait,

 we were driven past the normal ferry we have used a few times before to a dock that we had not been to before,

 it was very cloudy,

 then it started to rain again,

 pictures just can not show how heavy it was raining,

the building we were in was open sided, even though we were 15 or 20 feet inside the building we were still getting wet, eventually the rain stopped and at least we could see the end of the jetty, another hour or so and the ferry came into view,

 it was one we had not used before,

 one thing was for sure, if it rained we were all going to get wet as the boat had open sides,

 the good news was that it was a lot smaller than the regular ferry's, 

 so unloading it was very quick indeed,

 in no time at all,

 we were making our way on board,

 we sat as near to the middle of the boat as we could in case it rained,

 the ferry itself is double ended with a wheelhouse at each end,

 the old now disused jetty,

 we hardly had time to buy a drink than we were under way,

 'goodbye Koh Chang!',

 we reversed out past the sand bar turned and we were then under way, in the distance a ship at anchor,

 a bit big it seems for the jetty's and docks here,

the Sakhon Wisai,

 looking back towards the island a nice mango forest was claiming its place by the sea,

 whilst in the hills mist,

 and clouds were swirling about,

 now turned it was full steam ahead,

 we meet one ferry on our way back to the mainland,

 and a fisherman who was not put off by the rain,

 when we meet another ferry making the crossing, 

 the ferry made to another dock we had not been to before, 

 I am guessing 4 or 5 miles further down the coast,

 as on the island a huge queue of cars waiting to board,

docking was not going to be easy, there was a very fast tide running, a tug on the other side of the boat had started to manoeuvre us near to this structure,

 using this like a fulcrum the ferry turned on its own mid section,

 before making it's way to the jetty, I have to admit I was a bit concerned that the mini bus would not be here to meet us but obviously they had been called to inform them that we were be here and not at the usual jetty,

on the way back we stopped off at this store,

 where they had this very well looked after husky or malamute,

 I have not seen one of these for some time, I think there was a dealership in Pattaya, but it has now moved,

 outside of the store there were some fresh fruits for sale, 

 like these spiky things,

 I believe they are called Sala,

 shopping over then home we go, 

 we arrived home about 6.00 in the evening and of course we had to give Sandio his birthday present,

 Sandio all fingers and thumbs,

 and smiles when he found out what it was,

 you guessed it,

Monopoly, we have played it a few times and both he and Doishane loved playing it, we watched a few films in the evening and then after a tiring day we were all off to bed.

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