Wednesday, 28 May 2014

First Stop,

the fishing tackle shop,

to pick up some bait as we are going fishing later in the week, the shop if you need it is on Thepprasit Road, going towards Sukhumvit Road it is on the left 20 or so shops before the petrol stations,

I pulled across the road from just past and opposite the petrol stations to where the weekend night market takes place to the 3BB office to pay our Internet bill,

the whole area looks so different in the day when the stalls are not there, worryingly in the distance there was a huge rain cloud approaching with the rumble of thunder in the distance, so no time to waste, a quick call into the 7-11 for some milk, also the charcoal shop as we were getting low for the bar-b-q and then off home before it rains, but it all went a bit wobbly as I got on the bike,

 the front tire was as flat as a pancake, well it was at the bottom, so an unexpected stop at the bike repair shop,

 just my luck, I was trying to beat the rain before it started and the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate pointed at me!

 the good news was that there was no other bikes being worked on, so straight on with the job,

 front spindle taken part way out, old tube removed,

new tube fitted, inflated and 130 baht latter and I was on my way, also as luck would have it I beat the rain home,

after our evening meal we watched Rapa Nui, we had watched it before, this is what I wrote then, it is the Polynesian name for Easter Island and is also the name of the film, it is a unique film that explores the culture of the Polynesians of Easter Island and their supposed fate before the discovery of the remnants of its civilisation by the western world, why the building of the famous status stopped and the rise of the bird man rituals, (though the ritual birdman came some time after the statue building stopped) for a better a look at the fascinating history of the islands have a look herealso I should say an enjoyable film to watch, next three from Poirot, the great news was that although we had watched them before it was so long ago we could not remember how they all ended, a couple from Bones and then we were off to bed.

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