Sunday, 25 May 2014

Hardly A Day Goes Past,

without a new 'must have' invention being advertised,

but here is what I thought was a good one, a net that fits over a patio table’s umbrella to provide a protective canopy that keeps out biting insects, so no sprays or candles, it is made from sturdy 68-denier polyester netting too small for insect pests to penetrate, and it fits over umbrellas up to 9′ in diameter while its 96″ length extends all the way to the ground,

now this is the neat bit, the bottom’s entire perimeter stays flush with the ground to keep out insects in breezes using an integrated PVC ring that can be filled with water, of course there is a zippered flap to provide easy entry and exit and just slide it off when the umbrella’s closed, this is just one of many that are available, have a look here for some more and no I am not on commission!

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