Thursday, 20 October 2011

Beer Finished So It Was Over To The Cultural Show,

they hold the show on the hour,  

but as always check first,

the costumes are extravagant,

the dancers performing dances from the various regions that make up Thailand,

there is also a comedy boxing show,

even though it was the low season the place was packed, Diana sitting in the center,

the sets were changed for every number,

with great attention to detail,

if you have not seen the show it is a 'must do' when you visit Pattaya,

next a drumming display,

followed by a tribal dance, the object is to stay instep and not get a bruised ankle, easier said than done!

a fight is staged on elephant back,

it seems strange not saying horseback,

another regions village dance,

followed by the grand finale, with small

elephants dancing,

then joined by their larger brothers,

after a wave of goodbyes from the cast,

we make our way to the outdoor enclosure for the elephant show,

first the parade,

there must be a reason why they hold each others tail,

they all do it,

then the show begins,

first a balancing act,

then a dart throwing contest,

both elephants have totally different styles,

this one determined not to miss, the score 5-2 in this ones favour,

we were next treated to two elephants riding tricycles,

to huge amounts of cheering from the many children there,

football next,

I do not watch a lot of football,

but when I do it amazes me how some one being paid so much can put the ball so high over the net, these elephants are nearly spot on every time!

which means the goal keeper has his work cut out,

basketball is another popular sport given the elephant treatment,

of course getting near to the net is allowed!

I am not sure what this sport is called, a long ribbon is circled in the air,

along with hula-hooping around the trunk,

for the brave how about a elephant massage?

by trunk,

or by foot,

some one did not tell this elephant to be gentle!

but all was well in the end,

after the show it was time for a few pictures and who was first in the queue?

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