Friday, 21 October 2011

I Was Going Start Straight Away With The Post From Yesterday,

as there are lots of pictures,

but then I saw this, I just had to put it on the blog, I can see the dilemma, two signs on a double pole, naturally the first one, a statement of intent from the council went well, it reads, 'Working for a co-operative borough,' but then it all fell apart as the second sign was positioned upside down, not that I do a lot around the house, but when I do I always step back and admire my work, but not so here, in Lees Street in Chadderton, Oldham,

what happened next is a bit of a mystery as local resident Andrew Robinson, who took a picture of the error, says it stayed that way overnight so he took a picture of it in the morning, while council officials insist it was turned the right way up within an hour of being wrongly fitted,

still Oldham council should take note that it is not only their workmen that drop the ball, in the centre of the village of Lynmouth, Devon, a similar mistake happened, when a four letter word was misspelt, I admit my spelling is well below par, but then I am not paid to get it correct!

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