Monday, 17 October 2011


so we were off for Sunday lunch,

this week to the Robin's Nest in Soi Diana, we went for the Sunday buffet at 199 baht, after ordering your meal you are given a ticket, first at the counter pick your soup and dinner plate, though we just went for the main course, 

then to the carvery, pork, beef and gammon ham,

plus there are chicken pieces, sausages and herb stuffed bread crumbed chicken as well as a huge selection of vegetables, 

 'Cheers!' from me,

whilst Diana has a diet coke,

then one of those strange things happened, I had just told Diana that I did not see Slim Jim on Saturday at Champions, no sooner had I said that than he walked past the restaurant, we play a game, I say to Diana, 'look there is whoever it is', and try to get her to look round, so when I said Slim Jim was here just seconds later no way was she going to look to see if he was calling over, but how strange that just having spoken about him not 30 seconds later he should walk past!

after our ice cream dessert we made our way to the fish shop, we had almost run out of food for the fish, Diana is always fascinated by these kennels on display outside, 

 naturally she thought the pink one would be best for me!

the shop had a couple of aquariums on display with plants and fish, 

 and a very friendly cat, who I guess makes a good living on the failures,

 we bought a couple of tiger barbs whilst we were there,

 then over to see the boys,

 the pool in daylight at the Sabai Resort,

 we relaxed on the new sofas in the hotel,

 next stop the market with some of the boys,

I wanted to buy a table lamp as it is just a bit too dark in the evenings when we watch television, when we do not want the room lights on, 240 baht including a spare bulb,

opposite the bar the local police band are putting on a show with the proceeds going to help the flood relief in the North of Thailand,

luckily no rain clouds in the sky tonight, 

fish being cooked, the new ones bottom left, ready to go on the right, 

one of the organisers makes a speech, 

 then the show starts in earnest, Diana popped over to add some money to the fund,

meanwhile everyone went on a shopping fest,

 and came back with a few bags of goodies,

 naturally it was very thirsty work,

with all of the dust and heat, so a beer or two seemed like a good idea,

 by now the group were pounding out some lively numbers,

 so a contribution was made by all,

 next stop Friendship car park, we need a few things but more importantly a new memory card was needed as one was already full, so a quick walk to TukCom,

 it is not often we see Friendship at night,

 back at the hotel and it is time to relax,

 and catch a few ZZZZZZ's!

 'Cheers!', from the boys,

 by now we are getting ready for our evening meal,

and Diana changed into a dress that Uday brought over for her, plus two others from India, many thanks to Uday,

 just a short walk from the hotel is the Indian Garden almost opposite Tiffanys,

 there is an outside seating area,

 but we preferred to sit inside for the buffet,

 with Rock Star on ZeeTV in the background it really added to the flavour of the evening,

most of the dishes were vegetarian, but there was also a dish of chicken, I think most of the boys were surprised when we told them that we go for an Indian meal every 2-3 weeks normally at Ali BaBa,

 Diana was fascinated by the terrapins,

whilst I was looking at the fish, the food was delicious, Diana went for a few more top ups, I will not mention the two desserts she ate as well! many thanks to all,

 then we hit the town, I wandered down to the start of Walking Street waiting for the boys,

I was not hungry in the slightest, but I had to take this picture of the Lobster pot as normally there are so many people looking at the display it is difficult to get a clear shot, we all meet up and made our way along the street, it was Grieg's night off so we decided to call into Champions, then the party began! although not to every ones taste in Champions the music is just what I like, I mean old, all the hits from the 70's and 80's, which the boys liked as well, by now it was getting late and the lure of the golf course was calling as some of the gang had to get up early, so we all made our way home, when I arrived home we started to watch a episode of Midsomer Murders, but it was no good my eyes kept closing, it was a greart busy day, so with that we were off to bed.

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