Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Despite An Over Night Rain Storm,

the morning dawned bright and clear,

 so we were off with Russ to the coral island,

but not on a speed boat,  

we took the 30 baht each way cruise with the passenger boat, passing some of the work on the new jetty,

 it appears that the old one is too small,

so I guess the new one will be a lot bigger, 

 we were soon being caught up by the 'fast' boat,

 and overhauled,

 for a number of times we have passed this point the tourist submarine was here, but not this or the last time,

 one of the bays before we disembark,

 Russ was happy watching the speedboats go past,

 not long now,

 and here we are, overlooking one of the bays,

we have been to this one before, but Diana likes the bigger bay better, more food and ice cream shops!

 we are going to walk about half way along the beach,

 and here we are set up for the day with a coffee and chicken fried rice,

 Diana had the same then she chilled out with her iShuffle,

 then a beer each for dessert,

 Diana looking as lovely as ever decided she wanted an ice cream,

then where better to buy one than at the Turkish ice cream show? these stalls are popping up all over town, we have seen the boss many times in Pattaya, but this is one of his friends on the island, 

the show takes the form of when you are given the ice cream the scoop used is turned upside down so you just grab thin air,

 great fun for any one watching, Diana pronounced the ice cream delicious,

 a bit later the boss arrived from the mainland to make sure all was going well,

 all to soon it was time to leave, a quick picture of some multi coloured hairgrips,

 as it is the low season there were lots of chairs to chose from,

 and speed boats to go home in,

 so it is goodbye to the coral island,

 and on to the 30 baht ferry,

 a quick look at the engine, from one side,

 the direct drive rear,

 and the other side of the engine,

 55 minuets or so later and we were back on the jetty in Pattaya,

 the pile driving going on all day,

we decided to have a quick beer and watch some of the other visitors arrive back in Pattaya,

also whilst we were there I spotted this long tail boat, it looks so similar to the one at the top of our first page that I took some 28 years ago,

nearly a half moon,

on our way home we decided to stop for some milk, also to pick up some chicken soup so Diana did not have to cook, no problems with the milk but the soup stall was not there,

but the roasted chicken stall was, so half a roasted chicken for 65 baht,

and some fresh fruit,

melon and pineapple,

after our evening meal we watched the last part of Wild China, this part of the documentary travels along the 14,500 mile long coast of China stopping at nature reserves and national parks on the way, amazing images, also there was a 30 minuet or so feature as to how some of the 50 cameramen and women took over 500 hours of film, a great buy if you like this sort of thing,

then a couple from Midsomer Murders, Hidden Depths, young solicitor Nicholas Turner, plagued by financial problems, falls from the roof of his house as his wife witnesses the event through the front windows, was it suicide or some thing more sinister? followed by Sauce for the Goose, a tour of Plummer's famous relish factory ends in tragedy when one of the visitors is crushed against towers of relish bottles and dumped naked into a 200-degree sterilizer, well that was something different! then for us off to bed.

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