Tuesday, 4 October 2011

We Are Out Today With An Early Start,

so straight on with the post,

 we are going shopping but on the way out I noticed the flower from yesterday had opened, 

 also three of the hibiscus decoded to put on a show,

 as I have mentioned before it is a shame their flowers last such a short time,

 this one a 'double' flower,

 the second amaryllis flower is now open as well,

next stop Makro, one good thing about this store is that some things are at least half the price of other super markets, so it is worth the trip to go there, for us we bought 5 kilos of cooked prawns, and four boxes of New Zealand musells amongst other seafood, plus fresh chicken, pork and beef, also two containers of fresh strawberries to nibble on in the evening, we were tempted by a King crab again, but somehow they seemed light for their size so I think some of the meat inside the shells must have dried out,

in the afternoon and after our evening meal we started watching some more of the excellent Wild China, the country is so vast it is mind boggling, one area the size of Germany, another twice the size of the UK, we are looking forward to tomorrows part of the second DVD in the box,

Midsomer Murders rounded off the evening this episode Second Sight, DCI Barnaby and Sgt. Scott investigate the death of John Ransom in the village of Midsomer Mere, He had just been ejected from a pub for fighting but the post mortem shows a series of burn marks on his skull indicating he may have been subject to electric shock, then for us off to bed.

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