Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Boys Are Back In Town!

so straight on with the post today,

I am a bit late posting as a couple of friends called round in the morning, so here goes, first thing and off to Friendship, home feet up and watch a movie, also Mark called round for a cup of tea and a chat,

 then glad rags on as we were going to meet the boys,

 a wet ride to the Sabai Resort, on Second Road,

 the resort had remade the aquarium display since our last visit,

 and put in new tables and chairs in the reception area,

 the pool at night,

 and here we all were, picture courtesy of the mini bus driver,

 the boys decided on the Hardtien, a seafood restaurant on Third Road, the problem being it was an open air restaurant and it was raining, but tables and chairs were soon brought in from the outside, so all was well,

this is the dish every one enjoyed so much last time we were here, sea bass, locally known as Pla Kapong the fish is filleted and skinned then steamed, delicious!

 we also had pots of steamed fragrant rice,

 and a couple of beers! 

 lots of pictures taken of course,

 also we had a selection of pan fried vegetables,

 more rice anyone?

 'Cheers!', from us,

 such great friends!

 one of the water features outside,

 as we left a group started playing, luckily not too loud,

this was another water feature, where the area had flooded some fish had become trapped in the water around the paving slabs, the meal was as good as it gets with some chicken stir fried rice also ordered, but it had a touch of some type of herb in it which made it the nicest I have ever eaten, we all remarked on how nice the flavour was, many thanks to the boys,

 next stop Walking Street, the middle of the street was taken over by a bike show,

 the object was to ask for donations for the flood stricken north of Thailand, there were about 30 or so bikes on display,

 Walking Street was as crowded as ever,

 this is one bar I had not seen before, it is upstairs in Soi Diamond, we made our way to Roxy's where Grieg made us all more than welcome, all of us enjoying the show and relaxing with a few drinks, by now it was late so we said our farewells and made our way home,

 naturally I could not go past the pancake stall with out stopping,

 to throw the thin pancakes like this lady does must take so much practise,

 mango's added,

 folded and almost ready to go,

 there were a few people on bikes still heading to town,

 the street still wet from the earlier shower,

 a final touch some sugar and condensed milk then off home,

in the afternoon/early evening we watched Goldfinger, another from the Bond box, Auric Goldfinger and his henchman are planning to raid Fort Knox and obliterate the world economy, released a year after the last one this in 1964,

when I returned from town we put on Midsomer Murders, for The Animal Within, Rex Master's body is found in a weir, the problem is all his friends produce wills, each claiming to inherit his fortune, so who killed him?

watching all of the DVDs that we do Diana and myself have a little game, whether it is a film or documentary we look out for a bag made by the company Billingham, because many years ago, about 30, I bought one, I was so pleased with it about 5 years ago I bought a new bigger one, so every time one appears in a programme there is a chorus of 'Billingham, Billingham!' it just so happened in tonight's episode of Midsomer Murders one was used, again, but the reason I mentioned it this time is the bag is the same as the one that we have, the model 555, with that it was late so we were off to bed.

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