Sunday, 23 October 2011

First Thing In The Morning

and we were over to the hotel to say bye to the boys,

 I forget how long they were here for about 10 days I guess, but time just seemed to fly past,

 so we joined them for a breakfast before their flight,

 a full buffet was laid on every morning,

so it was eyes down and tuck in, we said our goodbyes and wished them all a safe trip, not to mention hoping they will all be back for next year,
 we then made a move to Big C, we wanted to buy a memory stick to send all of the pictures to the UK, so along to the post office on Monday to send it,

 later in the afternoon Mark and Jay called round for a cup of tea and a chat,

 whilst sitting there Mark exclaimed surprise about a chap painting the side of a building in the distance,

so I  zoomed in with the camera to get a closer look, no safety line, just the one, no crash hat, too scary darey for me with my fear of heights!

I normally just post pictures as I take them, but this one I had to crop to see more closely, he is sat on a board with paint pots hung on it, also confirming there is just the one line, I just hope it is strong!

before Mark and Jay called round I watched a War File DVD, The Battle if the Somme, it was the greatest battle the British Army has ever fought, a chilling reminder between the truth of how things went wrong but how High Command insisted the men 'were keeping fit with plenty of food and having a good time', as one officer wrote to the newspapers at the time, also mention was made of Sir Henry Rawlinson, who proved his arguments for a limited infantry offensive contrasted markedly (and ultimately disastrously) with Sir Douglas Haig's breakthrough plans, I am guessing Sir Henry's name was used in Sir Henry at Rawlinson End that we watched last week, or just a coincidence maybe?

another boys own adventure later, The Mummy Returns, all action, great fun and special effects, Rick and Evelyn O'Connell is still discovering new artifacts, along with their 8 year old son Alex, they discover the Bracelet of Anubis, but someone else is after the bracelet,

what a series! Life, stunning photography all delivered by master craftsman Sir David Attenbrough, it must have seemed strange to him for him talking about the Indonesian island of Komodo, which he first visited in 1955 and was broadcast in 1956 as Zoo Quest for a Dragon, Mum and Dad bought me the book as a Christmas present when it was first published, we enjoyed the programmes so much we watched the entire first BluRay disc, I tried to listen to the BBC interview of him talking in 2007 about his memories of the quest, but the BBC does not allow it to be played in Thailand,

if you are into revenge films of people receiving justice at the hands of their victims this is the one for you, Law Abiding Citizen, but there is a twist in the tale, be warned it is not for the squeamish!

by now it was getting late, or I should say it was already early morning, so one from Midsomer Murders, a Picture of Innocence, Barnaby becomes the prime suspect in a murder when amateur photographer Lionel Bell is found dead in the woods of Luxton Deeping, mainly because of a photograph showing Barnaby kissing Bell's estranged wife, who is an old girlfriend of his, furthermore Barnaby's fingerprints are on a wine glass at Bell's home, an entry in Bell's diary names Barnaby as his guest the evening before his death and Barnaby has no alibi for neither that evening nor the time of the murder, being that the plot revolves around two rival sets of photographers, you guessed it! a Billingham bag is at the murder scene again! placement advertising I guess, perhaps I should buy a different brand as my one keeps showing up on television, with that it was late so we were off to bed.

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