Monday, 10 October 2011

We Have Just Arrived Home This Morning,

so straight on with the blog,

 Nick and Maureen had very kindly invited us to their home for Sunday lunch,

 along with Jay and Precil,

 Maureen had prepared a leg of lamb,

 then the skies opened up,

 so sitting outside was out of the question,

 Diana and Ta-Taa taking it easy,

 Jay and Precil like us did not know that today was Nick and Maureen's 39th wedding anniversary,

 so we settled down for Sunday lunch,

 which was delicious, many thanks to Nick and Maureen for inviting us,

 naturally Ta-Taa had a big lunch as well so she had to catch a few ZZZZZZZ's!

 Jay and Precil had to leave early but we settled down to a game of Monopoly,

 first game success to Diana,

then a win for me, Maureen did not play so there were just the three of us, a lucky roll of the dice meant I had a set of streets with houses on which Nick and Diana landed on every time round, by now it was late so we were off to bed at Nick and Maureen's, a really lovely day spent with friends.

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