Sunday, 9 October 2011

We Had A Busy Day Today,

after breakfast we were on our way,

to call over and see Slim Jim, we chatted the afternoon away, the good news was that we arrived just after he did from shopping or we would have missed him,

on our way home we also called in to buy 6 packs of those delicious sausages that KPK Foods make,

a quick shower and change and we were off again to Prichai, our favorite seafood restaurant, Russ had seen it many times on our blog but this was his first visit here,

 all of the holding tanks had been renewed since our last visit,

Diana's favorite, lobsters, but strangely enough more expensive here than in Pattaya at 3,000 baht a kilo, in Pattaya 1,800 baht a kilo, but then everything else here was much cheaper,

 lots of seafood to chose from,

 we arrived about 5.00 in the afternoon, a favorite time for us as we can watch the sunset,

we settled down by the waterfront, behind Russ is a small fishing port,

 one of the boats returning,

 we were also joined by a much slimmer Mr. Tony, some 60lbs lighter, on the table our starter of musells,

 lightly steamed they were delicious,

 Mr. Tony surveying the next few courses, steamed prawns, prawn doughnuts and seafood fried rice,

 peeling prawns as the sun goes down,

 a few of the dinners went to the waters edge,

 meanwhile, crab legs, some more seafood fried rice and a grilled fish arrived,

 as the sun set lower,

 no visit here would be complete without a piping hot dish of Tom Yum Goong

 a waiter kindly took this picture of the four of us,

 and this one taken by Diana, a kilo of those lovely small rock lobsters fried in garlic had also arrived,

 by now the sun had set,

as another dinner takes a walk along the shore, cue Acker Bilk, who recorded Stranger on the Shore, which was a world's first as it was number 1 in both the UK and America at the same time,

 after the meal a plate of fresh fruit, then home to 388, the meal came to 600 baht (£12.45), each

after a freshen up Russ and myself were off again, to Walking Street, Grieg had very kindly invited us to a triple birthday party at his bar, so it was motorbike taxis into town,

 Walking Street was as crowded as ever,

 we were going to Grieg's bar Roxy, just past the big tree in Walking Street on the same side,

 at the bottom of the tree there is a shrine,

then guess who we bumped into? the Turkish ice cream show, the same guy as we saw on the coral island,

 we were there at last,

the girls must have known Russ was leaving soon as they took him in hand, we arrived at 09.00, the party had just begun, soon food and drinks were flowing as the party moved up a notch or ten! at about midnight I guess I bade farewell to Russ and wished him a safe trip, also a big thank you to Grieg and his friends who made us so welcome,

 then home, well I had a couple in Champions, it would have been rude of me not to call in! then to the pancake stall, Diana loves these, the stall is on the road that runs from Soi Blues Factory to Second Road,

 an expertly thrown pancake,

 mango added,

 folded and turned,

 whilst this was being cooked I took a picture looking towards Second Road,

 and this one towards Soi Blues Factory, as crowded as Walking Street was this soi was almost deserted,

 back to the pancake, cut into pieces,

condensed milk and sugar added, then home, Diana ate the pancake, thinking of my figure I gave it  miss, than as it was late we were off to bed.

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