Wednesday, 26 October 2011

More Of The UK's Money Thrown Away,

as yet again wind farm owners are compensated,

for the second time in a month wind farm owners had a windfall as the National Grid rushed to pay them for not producing electricity, I have always said it, wind farms are a waste of time and money, unless you own one! seven wind farm operators switched off their turbines on Monday night, the National Grid said they were generating too much power, the National Grid paid out almost £3 million to wind farm operators in compensation in mid-September when a dozen wind farms were shut for three nights in a row, just a thought, are other power producers, oil, coal, nuclear paid if they are shut down if there is too much electricity? no I thought not,

the Grid spokesman insisted: 'this is all a normal part of how we balance the electricity transmission system and manage constraints on the network,' and I bet the foreign owned wind farm owners said the equivalent of 'goody-goody, gum drops!'.

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