Monday, 31 October 2011

I Have Heard Of Steam Powered Cars,

but never a steam powered motorcycle,

till now, when one has just come up for sale, it is a 1894 Roper Steam Motorcycle, the second of two known to exist, the other being in the Smithsonian Institute, regularly used by designer Sylvester Howard Roper, it averaged a record speed of 40 miles per hour on the Dorchester Road in Boston for a measured mile in May 1896,

following Roper's death the bike went through a number of owners who displayed it to the public until it was bought by its current owner in 1996, Glenn Bator, head of Auctions America by RM's Vintage Motorcycle Division, said: 'Roper built two steam motorcycles and this one dates from 1894,' the amazing thing is that 'when Roper invented his machine the word motorcycle hadn't even been conceived,'

adding 'we’re delighted to have been selected to present this historic and pioneering motorcycle at our inaugural Las Vegas sale in January, a significant piece of Americana, it is arguably one of the world’s most important motorcycles,' 

if you are interested in biding, the guide price is expected to be in the region of £325,000, would I like it? I have to say much though I like motorbikes this one is not for me.

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