Tuesday, 11 October 2011

We Woke Up Early At Nick and Maureen's,

so a shower,

 a goodbye to Nick and Maureen and of course we could not forget Ta-Taa, then we were off,

after breakfast a couple of friends called round, so a few cups of tea and a chat meant by now it was late afternoon, I had heard that Don had put in a couple of barriers across his door ways like we had done, but unlike ours which are temporary he decided to make his permanent, using similar coloured tiles to face the barrier with, but then within 48 hours came disaster, the tops were at the time not painted red, he turned in the door way, did not remember the barrier and fell,

so I popped in to see him, thankfully there were no broken bones, at 84 always a possibility, he was still recovering from his fall from his motorbike a few weeks previously so this fall did not help him at all,

Don's black and blue toes, he also has a huge swelling on his knee, the hospital said basically rest and time will bring everything back to normal, I know we all wish him a speedy recovery,

 a quick look at Don's fish and I was back home,

 as it was getting late we decided to eat at the Punch & Judy,

 'Cheers!', from both of us,

 lasagna for Diana, the 199 baht pint and beefburger with chips for me,

then home feet up for Hitler's War, not every ones choice I know but still interesting for me, I have watched many documentaries like this one, but yet again more footage that I have never seen before,  

we had to finish the evening with Midsomer Murders, first Four Funerals and a Wedding, Mildred Danvers drinks from a poisoned flask, then a shot rings out from the bell tower, both events taking place with Skimmington Fair, a decades-old village fête that essentially pitted the women against the misogynist men as the background, these two murders clearly put Barnaby and DS Jones in the middle of a major investigation, followed by Country Matters, you are for it, or against it, it being a new supermarket coming to the village feelings run high, a murder is committed, but the victim is known by 4 different names in the village, some thing is not quiet what it appears, then for us off to bed.

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