Wednesday, 12 October 2011

We Had A Quiet Day Today,

dodging rain showers,

and paying a couple of bills, first stop to the 3BB office in Theppresit Road, to pay our Internet bill,

the sky looked a bit menacing, also I called into a 7-11 to pay the water bill, I am not sure how much water and sewerage bills are in the UK but over here it is about 130 baht a month, under £3.00, the good news is that I got back just as the skies opened again,

then feet up to finish the first DVD in Life After People the second series, an amazing documentary, with so much information, I did not know for instance that rats have a sense of smell way better than dogs, they, rats, in some countries have been trained to find plastic mines instead of high cost dogs,

the title says it all, Great Liners, and they were in size, comfort and splendor, there was so much footage that I had never seen before, even Diana was impressed by some of the new super liners, if I win the lottery we will be on one!  

Mark called round for a couple of hours, we chatted about stamps and a few other things, for some reason I then fancied watching Fargo again, it is a story of kidnap, extortion and double dealing that all goes horribly wrong,

in the final days of World War II, the Nazis attempt to use black magic to aid their dying cause and create Hellboy, who is captured by the Allies and used for good rather than evil, we are looking forward to Hellboy II,

a Midsomer Murder rounded off our evening, with the episode Death in Chorus, a member of the Midsomer Worthy choir that had been rehearsing for an upcoming competition is murdered, next a local birdwatcher and photographer Sam Judd is also found dead - the victim of a 12 gauge shotgun, where is the connection? then for us off to bed.

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