Sunday, 16 October 2011

We Had A Couple Of Friends Call Round First Thing,

Derrek brought Don round for a chat,

Don you may remember had a fall from his motorbike a few weeks ago, then fell over his flood defenses last week, so he is still a bit slow walking but making a speedy recovery, we chatted the morning away, although I had seen Don only last week when I called round I had not seen Derrek for nearly a year,

 then it was time to go, I was out for a beer, well a couple of vodka sodas with Juu in Champions,

  I took a motorbike taxi to Soi Diamond and walked through the narrow street that runs along side the Diamond Beach Hotel, then along to Champions,

 so many neon and LED signs,

nearly there, in the course of the evening Juu introduced me to one of his friends from the US, also whilst we were there Wut the ex manager of TQ2 called for a chat, it appears he might be starting a new job in Champions on the first of next month, but as this is Thailand I will wait and see,

for our afternoon viewing Thunderball, another Bond movie, the world is held hostage as Bond tries to find two nuclear warheads,

then an epic, Gettysburg, a brutal time pitting brother against brother, but back to the evening, or I should say early in the morning when I arrived home, so for us it was off to bed.

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