Thursday, 13 October 2011

It Started As A Quiet Day,

I had finished the blog and was watching the news,

but then a couple of friends arrived, Mark called in first,

 followed by Alex,

naturally we all had to have a play with the train set, boys and their toys!

we chatted away for more than a few cups of tea, after they left I suddenly remember I had promised to give Mark some tea bags as he was getting short of them, over here tea bags are super expensive with very few lasting on supermarket shelves for long, as I left I noticed one of the bulbs we had planted many months ago had flowered,

I am not sure what it is called, strange looking flower, pity it does not have a brighter colour, I guess the constant rain help it produce the flower,

so over to Marks, we sat and watched a bit of television and had a cup of tea when there was a loud crash outside, some one had failed to see my motor bike and had knocked it over with their truck, the lucky thing about my bike is it is so old and new ones so expensive I can not change it, so it has had more than its fair share of scraps and knocks, all appeared well, but when I went to drive home the aluminum part on the handle bars had cracked,

which meant that the mirror could not be adjusted, but luckily Mark had just opened a tube of super glue, so a quick application of that and all seemed well, looking on the bright side it was a good job a child was not standing on Marks drive as the driver of the truck would not have seen him/her,

later, off for a meal at Gossip Cafe, a 199 baht special, soup, pork Vienna schnitzel and ice cream, but I made a mistake, it was a no alcohol day, if we go out and pay for a meal I do enjoy a glass of red wine with it, so we left for a meal at home,

then feet up, Diana said she wanted to watch some of the James Bond movies, so it was out with the Bond box for Dr. No, James Bond goes to Jamaica, where he joins forces with Quarrel and a loyal CIA agent, Felix Leiter,

followed by Interpreting the Lost Symbol 2009, a mixture of fact and fantasy as the Freemasons and other groups are put under the spotlight in this companion for a book release of the same title, it was all a bit too much for Diana although I watched it all, then it was late so for us, off to bed.

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