Friday, 21 October 2011

We Decided To Stop Off For A Bite To Eat Before Our Next Port Of Call,

it was on the Sumkivitt highway,

the sign says it all,

the building goes way back from the road,

so we settled down for a meal,

at the rear of the restaurant there is a fish pond,

but no fishing allowed, I guess they would be too easy to catch,

now here was a blow, two of us are vegetarians, but guess what? the restaurant had no vegetables!

meal over we made our way to the temple complex,

it was time to feed the fish,

the temple and their well laid out gardens are near the Buddha mountain, Khao Cheejan Temple we are in the Wat Yan temple complex,

the fish really enjoyed the food,

the water is aerated by three fountains,

a view looking along the pond,

all around the grounds there are small temples and shrines,

like this one,

Uday remembered the coconut stall from his last visit,

so it was nuts all round,

the same lady was here as skilled as ever,


then I saw something strange, in the distance a tree with ribbons around it,

which is not that unusual,

what was for me unusual was the second tree in the picture, around the base of it were 30 or so small snakes, made of both plastic and glazed pottery, I wondered what it meant,

another temple with storm clouds on the horizon,

just hidden by the tree on the left some workers are painting the building,

I hope they know a storm is approaching!

back in the truck to Buddha Mountain,

pose for the camera, the outline of the Buddha was cut out of the mountain using a laser image to trace as a cut out, gold leaf was then laid to form the image,

Uday just loves sunflowers, so a quick pose and we were on our way back to the hotel, as I made my way back to 388 the heavens opened, the traffic came to a complete halt,

but that did not faze Diana as she had a cold shower in the rain!

after our evening meal I completed the blog from the day before, but I kept getting problem after problem, the blog would tell me that a post had been successful only for it not to appear, eventually I got all three posts on but not yin the correct order, being one to believe quit whilst you are ahead I let the posts go through but not in order, so buy the time Midsomer Murders was on television it was already late, so we only watched the one we had started the evening before, Death and Dust, DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate the death of Dr. Alan Delaney who was purposely run down by someone driving a pick-up truck. Delaney was driving Dr. James Kirkwood's brand new SUV and Barnaby believes Kirkwood may have been the intended victim, by now it was late so for us off to bed.

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