Sunday, 2 October 2011

I Woke Up With A Bit Of A Hangover Today,

so straight on with the post,

 the amaryllis is starting to open a little more today,

it is as blood red as it looks in the picture, I just hope the other bulbs that we bought at the same time put on as good a show,

at last all of our DVDs are in alphabetical order with a printed list, the trick is now to keep them that way!

tonight I was off to see Juu and a few friends in Champions, for some reason the soi from Marine Plaza was under water, a burst pipe I guess, 

 Walking Street was very crowded,

 as I made my way to Champions,

Diana stayed at home watching scary movies which I must admit I do not enjoy, so I meet up with Juu for a drink,

 we then decided to take a walk along to Soi Diamond,

I just love the neon and LED signs, we had a couple in one of the bars there then we returned to Champions, with Brian following us in, as the evening progressed Russ called in along with Mr. Tony, no sooner had we ordered another round than Doc. Jeff and Matt wandered in, by the way Mick if you are reading this they both said Hi and are looking forward to seeing you, next Chris called in injured from Afghanistan as Slim Jim took a seat at the table, I should mention that Brian's wife Sa also joined us, then a friend we have not seen for a long time Alf appeared, it was a case of you show me your scars and I will show you mine! as Alf had a couple of procedures since we had last meet, the party was going at full swing the time slipping away as it does when everyone is having a good time, which is why I am a bit delicate this morning!

during the day we watched Operation Valkyrie a documentary about the failed attempt to kill Hitler, we had only a couple of weeks ago seen Valkyrie a film staring Tom Criuse about the attempt but I wanted to see what really happened, as it turn out the film was quiet close the the actual events but did not mention some of the other attempts leading up to it, but the documentary did, also it had an extra where the man who's written Countdown to Valkyrie, the most recent work on the subject, Nigel Jones, interviewed the remaining members of the Stauffenberg family, who at first were opposed to Tom Cruise playing the role due to his religious beliefs, but accepted his performance when the film was made, then for us after my return from Champions we were off to bed.

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