Friday, 28 October 2011

In An Effort To Explain What Makes British People British,

Ben Crystal and Adam Russ have published a book,

entitled, Sorry, I'm British!: An Insider's Guide to Britain from A to Z, it gives such gems as, 

A is for APOLOGISING: If Brits could make anything other than queuing an international sport, saying sorry would be it.

D is for DOCTOR WHO: Matt Smith is the latest Time Lord, who has more than 750 episodes behind him since 1963, I know Jungle Jil will like that one!

I is for IMPERIAL WEIGHTS AND MEASURES: Stuff your metric system. We'll stick to imperial.

J is for JOBSWORTH: In 2009 Stewart Smith was stopped by a Strathclyde copper and handed a £10 note he had dropped. He was then fined £50 for littering. There is no better definition for "jobsworth"... except maybe traffic wardens.

S is for SANDWICHES: In the 18th Century, the fourth Earl of Sandwich put meat between two pieces of bread. Hero,


Z is ZEBRA CROSSINGS: A UK invention. By walking on to the stripes, pedestrians put huge faith in the courtesy/eyesight of drivers, who are supposed to stop, not to be recommended in some counties that paint them on the roads!

it looks like a great little book and from what I have seen of it so true!

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