Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Spencer, pictured below,

 had a brush with the law,

firstly Spencers owner Roy Wyre, 66, was tackled by a council jobsworth, the "community protection officer" accused former security guard Roy of impersonating a policeman because he was wearing a high-visibility jacket, Roy said: 'he called for a police officer, who also told me to take my jacket off and asked for my name and address before leaving', I never thought wearing a hi-vis jacket was against the law, especially with dark evenings drawing in, but of course the police know best,

then to add insult to injury the same council jobsworth slapped a £75.00 fine on Roy for brushing his dog! the ticket was marked with the words: 'litter, large amounts,' I can imagine some one being finned for not grooming their dog, but to be finned for dropping a few dog hairs? it beggars belief that councils can employ people like this, but to be fair to the council, a spokesman said: 'once the circumstances became clear, a decision was made to overturn it and an apology issued', I still can not understand the police though, why was he asked to remove his hi-vis jacket, perhaps the two officers shared the same gene pool?

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