Thursday, 20 October 2011

First Thing After Breakfast Over To The Hotel,

we are off for a early afternoon visit to Nong Nooch Gardens,

Diana looking as pretty as ever against the orchids,

after 12 or so kilometer trip to the gardens our first stop was to look at a few of the many elephants they have there,

I have to say they all looked very healthy and well looked after,

the look in the eyes says it all, buy me a banana!

so we did,

with a certain degree of caution, but it was all very safe,

so we all had a go,

all of the aquariums were looking clean and well maintained, but a few of the labels had some mistakes, but I guess not many would notice,

one of the exhibits on display, an alligator gar, a fearsome looking and large growing fish,

when ever I see a Cassowary, they always somehow remind me of a dinosaur,

in case you do not know it the song was a hit for The Goodies,

in a change of scene, what appear to be American Indian totem poles,

Miss Pocahontas and Uday,

more totems,

then 'hold that tiger', a song from the early 1930's,

but in this case please do not bite!

what great big claws you have,

and what a set of teeth!

a bit too close for Diana and myself,

especially when some one who shall remain nameless shouted out 'dinner time!',

but all was well,

Diana decided it was better to be mugged by a rabbit than eaten by a tiger, so she feed the rabbits some grass,

there were also a large collection of parrots on display,

well we just had to have our picture taken in mouseland,

whilst we were there, some couples came by on elephants looking like they had just got married,

so before the next part of the garden we had to have some liquid refreshments, read beer!

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