Saturday, 1 October 2011

Do Not Mess With Fish 142,

and you thought fish were fun!

another one that did not get away, caught on the River Segre in Spain, it is believed to be the biggest catfish ever caught by a citizen of the UK, weighing in at 245lb, the lucky chap was Jonathan Avery, 31, from Winscombe, Somerset, he got his big bite after waiting 15 hours at Mequineza, He said: 'we'd been there since dawn and were about to give up, I knew straight away it was a big one, and we realised it was a record when the fish wouldn't fit in the 8ft sling to carry it to the weighing scales,'

tour guide Jason Ingley said: 'I've seen big fish before but nothing like that — it was like something out of a cartoon,' and for his efforts he is now being treated to a free return trip to Spain with angling guides CatMaster Tours, way to go!

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