Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Arry and his helpers,

arrived in the morning,

 and started work,

 the boys grouting and cleaning, 

 whilst Arry fitted the wire mesh door inside the wooden one,

 just before we left he also made a start on the shower head to fill the pool and the electrics for the fountain,

 we were out doing some shopping stopping off at the corner of TukCom at the rear for some ice coffee and tea on our way back home,

 arriving back the last of the tiling was being started,

 we are keeping the centre of the room with its original sand-wash, in the hope that the rough surface will help keep the kittens claws from having to be trimmed, well think about it, 5 claws on each paw, 4 legs, 1 on each corner and 3 kittens, the chances of trimming that lot every couple of weeks means a huge number of scratches, snarling, kicks and bites to who ever is trimming their nails, and that I guess would be me!

 shower head and electrics completed,

 door finished,

 the fixed wire mesh in front of the sliding glass door in place at the side,

 as is the one at the front,

 the fixed wire mesh at the top has its mosquito screens fitted, the idea being there will always be fresh air even if all of the doors that are alarmed when we go out are shut,

and the last of the grouting is finished, Arry said give it a couple of hours for the grouting to dry then all will be OK, but better still wait till tomorrow, so that will be it, tomorrow the kittens will have their new home,

we watched some of the game shows on cable, then the start of a new series for us, The Borgias, we watched the first three episodes back to back and stayed up a bit later than normal, they were so good, similar to The Tudors but of course a different country, very enjoyable and we are both looking forward to tomorrows viewing, with that we were off to bed.

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