Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Wind Farms,

you love them,

 or hate them as I do, but leaving that to one side, as we travelled through Europe we got quite close to some of them, and were amazed how big they were,

 and were more impressed when we saw how they were transported,

across very difficult terrain,

the transportation company that built the custom trucks is a Chinese company called CIMC, above the short video,

and this one the corporate version, just a few facts and figures, the blades all 90 of them had to be delivered to the peak of Baoding mountain, China at an altitude of 2900m, each blade is 52.4 meters long and weighs over 12 tons, the 3 tractor units chosen were equipped with C&C YC6k12 engines which produce 480 hp and 2,200 Nm, each truck is also equipped with Fast 16 speed MT transmission, all very impressive but how much cheap electricity will any of the wind farms produce on a still winters morning? just wish I had the good fortune to have a few hundred on my farm, if I had one!

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